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Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co.,Ltd. is a professional production and sales of iron oxide pigments series products of the joint venture, the company was registered in March 2003 December 2004 began trial production, and incorporated into the Zhejiang Huayuan pigment Limited by Share Ltd in 2016.

Zhejiang Huayuan pigment Limited by Share Ltd (formerly Shenghua group Deqing Huayuan Pigment Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1993, is the first production and sales in Asia, the world's third iron oxide pigment production enterprises. The company covers an area of 270 thousand square meters, has a staff of nearly 700 people, annual sales of more than 12 tons of iron oxide series pigments, products throughout the provinces, city, district and the five continents in more than and 80 countries and regions, in 2016 the output value of nearly 600 million yuan.
Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co.,Ltd. has ultra-fine grinding series, special processing series and high temperature series three series of products, products are mainly used in high-grade paint, plastics, rubber, ink, leather, paper, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other fields, but also for the production of ordinary paint, building materials (cement, concrete, Li Qing), pigment iron oxide ceramics etc..
Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co.,Ltd. has Japan advanced production technology and strict management system, to provide a stable and high quality iron oxide pigments to customers at a reasonable price.
Address: Zhongguan Industrial Area,Deqing,Zhejiang Tel.0572-8409822 Fax.0572-8409823
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